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        Portable Oral Irrigator supplier

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        1. EASY TO USE: Open the cap of Water Tank to inject in water , insert the nozzle, choose the mode suitable to you, turn on the oral irrigator, and you can enjoy cleaning your teeth now.
          2.EFFECTIVE FOR YOUR GUM: This Oral irrigator dental flosser can remove 99.9% of plaque from the treated areas, improving your gum health in a simple and effective way. Suitable for people who wear the dental braces and can flush out the food leftovers easily where the traditional brush can not reach when people wear the dental brace.travel Oral Irrigator manufacturer
          3. CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: The Power and Modes control of this water flosser is separated, you can choose your mode first and turn on the device. Two minutes auto-timer to avoid it still working after you finish cleaning. 300 ML water tank with 2 replacement nozzles great for multiple users.
          4.3 MODES FOR WIDE USE: Normal, Soft and Pulse make this dental irrigator suit for most person''''''''s use, choose the suitable mode and then you can get a healthier gum.
          5.Friendly to Your Teeth
          This Manual Power Oral Irrigator Gums Dental Water Jet Flosser Teeth Flossing Toothbrush Set is ideal for those with braces or other dental devices as its 360 degree rotary nozzle can reach places that traditional floss can''''''''t
          6.Easy to Charge
          Super Convenient USB plug, easy to get charged on USB block or computer. ( Adaptor is also available. )

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