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        Electronic Hand Free Ultrasonic Adult Automatic Toothbrush and Brush Heads EB510-Sonic Advance Electric toothbrush agent

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        Material ABS,PC
        Power Source 2W,USB Charging
        Battery Type DC 3.7V,1200mAh Lithium Battery
        Watterproof IPX7
        Product Size Φ29*244mm
        Net Weight 115g




        1.Magnetic Levitation Motor.
        2.High Quality Dupont Nylon 612 bristle.
        3.5 function modes(Clean,White,Polish,Milder,Sensitive) +3 Intensites can be choosed to clean the tooth.
        4.2 minutes timer and 30 seconds interval time reminder
        5.Vibration 31000-37500 strokes/min
        6.50 days runtime of battery after 10-12 hours charging.
        7.Unique control system design by ourself,match the motor and save the energe.


        What''''s reason let you choose the sonic electric toothbrush?,intelligence Electric toothbrush Sales manufacturer,intelligence Electric toothbrush Sales phone,intelligence Electric toothbrush Price


        1.Acoustic vibration clean technology:Sonic toothbrush around on 31000-37500 strokes/minute will help to remove up to 150% more plaque than the manual ordinary toothbrush,also,the sonic toothbrush can help to prevent the gum recession.intelligence Electric toothbrush agent
        2.One key button to control the function and power,chose suitable modes to clean toothbrush:There''''s 5 modes can be used according to your actual need of tooth,and there''''s 3 Intensites to match the Soft,Comfortable and Strenth.intelligence Electric toothbrush company
        3.Easy to recharge the battery:Wireless advanced charging method is more convenient, fashionable and safe,if you use the toothbrush one time and the within 2 minutes,after charging 10 hours,the runtime of battery will be around on 50 days.intelligence Electric toothbrush supplier
        4.Waterproof:IPX7 waterproof will be very safe for you and tooth brush,it''''s no any question even if you use toothbrush when you shower or clean it in the water.intelligence Electric toothbrush factory





        Electronic Hand Free Ultrasonic Adult Automatic Toothbrush and Brush Heads EB510 (5)

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